Turn it Up is a groundbreaking 1 1/2 hour video with a 57 page workbook that explains
step by step how to sight read music like professionals do.
Jamie Glaser is the guitarist with the Anderson Ponty Band ( Jon Anderson from YES) and

has been on over 170 albums, he is the guitarist on Seinfeld, Married With Children, Saved by the Bell, and major motion pictures like the Thomas Crowne Affair and JFK.
Best known for his work with multi grammy award winning artists , Bryan Adams, Jean Luc Ponty , Manhattan Transfer, Chick Corea, Gloria Trevi,  and many more he has made his living known as one of the best music sight readers in the world.
For the first time ever Jamie shares the secrets, techniques and tips for learning how to read music,  the same techniques Jamie has taught at lectures around the world for 100's of dollars. In 12 lessons you can learn what only a select few that have lucrative livings in the music business know.
This video is good for all instrumentalists and also singers.


  Turn It Up
 ( The guide to being a sight reading expert)

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