Turn It Up
 ( The guide to being a sight reading expert)
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These days you can spend hours, days and weeks reading everything from wikipedia to blogs where there is "information" about how to improvise in music. Couple that with attention seeking musicians doing 10's of thousands of tutorials on youtube and ...well you have plenty of information and in most cases much much much more confusion. Playing from The Heart is a course to take the confusion out of improvising, to help you find joy and the human side of playing and to help you to NOT THINK when you play.


Jamie's 2022 Holiday Album
No Apologies
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Progressive Concepts
Jamie's techniques for soloing inspired by masters like

Chick Corea  Jean Luc Ponty, Jon Damian, Lenny White
and more!

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Beam Me Up
The Guide To Reading Music In 14 days On Guitar
Features include:
1. Backtracks for all exercises ( audio and midi)
2. Learn to read the first 3 frets on all 6 strings
3. Read chords ( open chords and others included)
4. Read 1/4, 1/2 and whole note reading
5. Learn to read rests
6. learn to how to write out your own music
Be able to read on all 6 strings in 14 days
7. subliminal / meditation recording included to re- train
and make positive changes in how you see and appreciate reading music
1 hour of audio  and a 40 page workbook..and more
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Buy the CD and Workbook ( Spiral bound)

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"Jamie Glaser is a gifted musician and a generous teacher. His clarity and insight will fast track you to becoming a better guitarist. Check out Jamie's courses. Invest in your passion!"
Terry Wollman
Terry Wollman, Guitarist, Producer, Composer