Live Leap
For Facebook Live Broadcast Syndication

Facebook Live is here and is one of the most amazing features ever offered.
Broadcast live to your friends and fans
Do webinars, concerts, product demos, interact with your customers
The listeners can comment live and you can respond live.
Better than email marketing, webinars, and other kinds of promotions , your clients, fans are right there with you
Make that personal connection that is so important.
The only problem with FB live is you can only broadcast on one page at a time from your android or IOS
LIVE LEAP makes it possible to have your broadcast syndicated
This means that when you broadcast you will be on all your pages, your groups at the same time LIVE.
Facebook has approved this software and during launch its only 77 dollars for a lifetime , in a few weeks it goes up to 97 dollars a month.
Grab LIVE LEAP  here

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Viral Autobots
Here is a link to one of my favorite software helpers for Facebook
The video will explain, and I will help you all I can to use this software to its full potential.

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