Rhythm Master

is the new course by Jamie Glaser ( releasing Mar 1 , 2018)

1. learn about the grand pulse, east and west coast feels

2. open chords, melody chords ( form chords) voicings drop 2's and clusters

3. strum patterns and using arpeggios rhythmically

4. how to count and read rhythms easily

5. reharmonization, target and approach chords

6. playing in odd time signatures

7. exercises in rock, pop, r&b, and jazz

and much more

8. single note rhythm ( funk etc)
included an hour and 30 min  video 

 workbook with chord charts, notation and explanations
and backtracks to play with

Pre-Order at 1/2 price now ($10 dollars)


Watch video for example
‚Äčand download the PDF here for this video !!