What if you could get instruction on your instrument , songwriting, music business, social media marketing etc from a professional who is normally hard to find or access, and you could get that instruction when YOU want it?

Well NOW you can with Gluber.

Using Gluber is easy. You choose the time you want to have your lesson, and you choose the amazing instructor that you have always dreamed of taking a lesson with.


Not only that but you have a choice of taking a FIVE minute lesson, a FIFTEEN minute lesson, a HALF HOUR lesson or an HOUR at prices that are incredible!!

Check the instructor's schedule and request a lesson when they are not booked ...that's it

In most cases you can book your lesson 30 minutes before and the teacher will be notified and meet you then.

The only requirements is you will need SKYPE , a webcam , a microphone, headphones and commitment to  maximizing the special time you will have with a world reknown Gluber coach. ( some coaches may be able to use the phone or facetime)

Follow this link to see the schedules 

Please let your friends know about our service and thank you.